Visit the Definitely, Maybe official movie website before Valentine’s Day for a “Just My Type” Valentine’s Day Quiz. The quiz will tell you what type of person you are and who your perfect match is. 12 questions will lead you to your ultimate type for a relationship. The site even supplies you with a banner identifying who your love match is! Fun quiz for Valentine’s Day!
After you’re done, learn about the film (maybe you want to take your loved one to see it? It’s a romantic love story about a Manhattan Dad named Will Hayes whose daughter Maya starts to question him about his love life history, he tells about three past loves, and she tries to piece together which one is her mother (his soon to be ex-wife)). Click on the video link to see some movie trailers. Also, each time a page loads, a short trailer clip of the movie plays. Learn about the cast – Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, and Derek Luke, and check out the movie stills! Don’t forget to download your AIM / Buddy Icon and movie wallpaper before you leave.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Definitely, Maybe
Date of theater release: February 14, 2008
Definitely, Maybe – Official Site!

Definitely, Maybe: 2 out of 5 stars

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Definitely, Maybe! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

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