Death Sentence is James Wan’s latest anticipated film which stars Kevin Bacon; James Wan is one of the creators of the original Saw movie which had plenty of great reviews. By now you should know that Wan has a tendency to keep his audience on edge in the writing of his movies; we are hoping Death Sentence will be no exception!
Here is a QUICK Best Movie Website review for the movie website Death Sentence where it offers up some chances for you to get creative and show off your talent.
Deadlines are approaching soon! Do Not Delay your entries! Create and submit them today!

(Visit the Death Sentence official movie website and follow the appropriate links)
-Submit your nightmare! Do your best to come up with your worst nightmare you could imagine and you may have your story developed into a short movie!!
Create your own version of what you think the Death Sentence poster should look like; download the asset material from the website and follow the rules of how to use them in your poster – shape your vision!! This will give you a chance to have your movie poster produced then signed by James Wan himself!

The Death Sentence official site offers one contest for the artist and one for the writer, this is your chance for your artistic values to be recognized!

Last point to mention of the website is a drawing for the official car used in the movie! A 1969 Ford Mustang! The movie website has the sweepstakes entry form for you to submit your chance to win the beautiful car.

There are not any wallpapers or aim icons to mention at this point for the movie Death Sentence, but there are chances for artist to get recognition! Something for you! This is one of the categories Best Movie Websites are reviewed on; what they bring you!

Best Movie Website

Movie website featured: Death Sentence
Date of theater release: August 31, 2007
Death Sentence -Official Site!

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