Death Race! Racecars! Games! and more! The movie website for the new movie Death Race with Jason Statham has some fun things to do to keep you occupied this Friday! The best part of the movie website is the Death Race Movie Game Annihilation! Start by choosing your racing car – Ford Mustang, Porsche 911, or Dodge Ram…you can review the speed, armor, offense, and handling stats before selecting your car! Once your car is chosen, get ready for fun! You take your car around the industrial racetrack, avoiding obstacles and racing against other cars. This is a FUN GAME and worth your time!!
Another fun part of the movie website is getting content and downloads for your mobile – just test the word DEATHRACE to UFILMS (834567) to get your content! Next, click on the Garage link to get your Death Race movie downloads! You’ll find movie wallpapers, Death Race Screensavers, and movie AIM / Buddy Icons! Before you leave the site, two last things to check out – the Prison Yard where you’ll find trailers and a movie image gallery, and then visit the Control Room to read about the Death Race Film! (The movie stars Jason Statham is set in the future in Terminal Island and is about prisoners who race tricked out cars…the first to win five events is free!)

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Movie website featured: Death Race
Date of theater release: August 22, 2008
Death Race – Official Site!

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Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Death Race! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Death Race 3 out of 5 stars

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