In theaters soon is the new film Dead Silence, from the same writers and directors of the Original Saw Movie! Watch the restricted trailer of the movie!
Featured on the Dead Silence myspace page is an awesome “countdown widget” that you can post to your Myspace page in anticipation of the release. Also download a new Aim Icon or Wallpaper while you are there!!
Show your support for the movie copy and paste the Dead Silence banner to your myspace!
If you really want to freak people out post “Billy” as your default pic, featured on the Offical Mypace of the movie.

Break your silence and enter the contest for a chance to host a premiere in your hometown along with all of your closest friends- 100 friends!! Its easy to enter!!
Dont forget to check out the Dead Silence Shooter Game!

Movie website featured: Dead Silence
Date of theater release: March 16, 2007
Dead Silence -Official Site!
Dead Silence -Official myspace!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Dead Silence! Visit the Official myspace site for the download and more! (link to the site is in this entry)

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