Crank High Voltage is in fact Crank 2. Do you wanna watch this movie? You can answer that to yourself but in the meantime I am here to tell you that the Crank High Voltage website is something you really want to see. Packed and loaded with, high voltage images, visuals, and free downloads to watch and play with.
The site is a restricted content area, so you must be “of age” to enter, but for those who do not like giving away personal information don’t sweat it (Peter Parker works). Once you pass this roadblock the next thing you have to do is enter a cuss word, yeah, you heard me right! Enter a cuss word to gain final access to the Crank High Voltage website. I wasn’t excited about this but it turns out they have more profanity on my local television station, so I just recalled one of those and used it. And if you enter a word that is not really a cuss word it will let you know. You can’t fool the machine peeps.
As you enter let it take full screen mode.
Use the map quickly or you will crash and have to restart you journey again, the heart monitor at the top of the screen will show you how much juice you have left.
Navigate the website, there is tons of stuff to watch for free, download for free, and to get yourself socially connected to the people from the movie. Among the free stuff the website offers:
Free screensaver for mac or pc, free buddy icons for download, free iPhone/touch apps, and free wallpapers.
There is also an awesome “choose your own destiny” game to play via youtube. You get to pick Chev Chelios’s destiny and decide what his fate will be… awesome!
Customize a video and send it to your friends: pick the name, the dialogue and send it to your buddies.
Hook up with Crank high Voltage on any social networking site imaginable, you know you wanna.
There are some tiny stars on the navigation map, click those to see exclusive clips from the film that have guest appearances by a few stars including: Corey Haim, Ron Jeremy, and the lead singer from Linkin Park (to name a few) who will show up in the movie.

SMR’s recommendation: The website for Crank (2) is spectacular! Great visuals, awesome effects, originality, It’s all there… there is so much to keep you occupied and entertained longer than most movie websites you visit… This is definitely the sickest, meanest, most exclusively original website I have seen this year! Now this is how you make a website!… Get Cranked now!

(One draw back was that there was no option to “turn off” restricted content, which would be nice ya know, just in case… but nevertheless, the good on this website outweighed the bad. Don’t visit I you are offended with a tiny bit of vulgarity.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Crank High Voltage
Date of theater release: April 17, 2009
Crank High Voltage – Official Site!

Sample Wallpaper from the new movie Crank High Voltage! Visit the Official movie website for the download and more!

Crank High Voltage 5 out of 5 stars

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