Jumping The Broom movie stars Angela Bassett, Paula Patton, Laz Alonso, Mike Epps, and tons more!

“The Taylors are in Town!” is what the headline blazes across the top of the website. The synopsis describes two families from “divergent socioeconomic backgrounds colliding,” The Taylors are one of these families… I’ll hold myself from commenting on the synopsis.

Anyway, moving on… The video section has a few different trailer and video spots to check out. You can watch the preview and then share it via your favorite social networking site and/or even embed the clip straight from the official website, which is a very nice feature. The quality of the video however is extremely poor. Don’t expect beautiful images here.

Not suprising is that the movie still section is not much better than the videos selection. The movie still quality is decent, however, the images are pretty small and off centered which creates an awkward and ugly design to the gallery. You will notice that one side has an acceptable quality photo while the other side has the thumbnails of about seven different photos… the rest of the page being very empty and bare.

The free downloads page is the same! It is off balance with the sample full sized images weighing the left side of the page down! However they do offer you free Jumping the Broom downloads including twitter skins, aim icons, and wallpapers.

The “features” section is where all the goodies are! Here you can take a “love” or “compatability” quiz to find out which movie star from Jumping the Broom is your best match. You can also send an electronic e-card choosing from several different selections and messages and you can then download or email it direcly!

A unique feature called “phone calls” allows you to select one of the characters from the movie, after your selection it says that on the day of the movie you will get a phone call from the actor of your choice! This is pretty cool, and for sure you will get a recording from that actor but also a reminder to check out the movie, Nice feature!

Overall the design of the website is pretty poor, the quality of the movie videos and stills are not that great and the Layout is extremely basic.. But the website gets most of it’s points from the interactivity it developed for the movie-goer such as yourself.

Movie website reviewed: Jumping The Broom l
Date of theater release: May 6, 2011

Jumping The Broom – Official Site!

3.5 out of 5 stars

jumping the broom movie

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