The movie website for the new upcoming movie Black Water (Australian Crocodile Film) has some great footage of Real Crocodiles attacking and in action. Just click on the “Real Crocs” link to watch the footage…. the filmmakers did not want to use CGI, so they went to Australia and put their camera in with the crocs to get some great footage. The Black Water movie website has six great crocodile video clips they took. Truthfully, although I hadn’t heard about the movie before visiting the movie website, this footage really got me excited about seeing the film! Check it out! The movie is about a group on vacation in Australia that decides to go on a river tour through the mangrove swamp when their boat is capsized. Sorry, no AIM /Buddy Icons, no wallpaper, and no other downloads, but still worth a visit for the Real Crocs videos! Watch the trailer and check out the movie stills before you leave the movie website!

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Black Water
Date of theater release: February 22, 2008
Black Water – Official Site!

Black Water: 2 out of 5 stars

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