Black Snake Moan features a game that is very entertaining even if you are not a musician. The “play the blues” section on the website features a guitar with more than a dozen riffs you can choose from to create your own blues song. Add these sound clips to a timeline to create your own song. The coolest part of this is that you can either send the song to a friend or even add your song creation to your myspace page.
Another section of the website, “down home facelift,” allows you to paste your face or any picture you want onto the body of one of the stars of the movie. After you “paste” your face to their body you can send this off to a friend, or even better yet add your friends face to the “body” and send it to that friend! Hopefully they will have a sense of humor about it…
The website also features some “customizable myspace skins,” the usual aim icons, and some desktop wallpaper too.
Head over to the official myspace page of the movie to sample the soundtrack and to send a Valentine’s Day to the person of your choice!
Black Snake Moan -Official Site!
Black Snake Moan -Official myspace!
Release: February 23, 2007

Sample Wallpaper from the movie,
Black Snake Moan
(visit the official site for more!!)

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