Over the past year we’ve reviewed some of the best movie websites of 2007 and some of the worst sites of 2007. Let’s take a look at some of the year’s most notable official movie websites featured here at best movie websites:

War (the movie) – Best part of this website was the “War Remixer” where you can remix some of the scenes with Jet Li and Jason Statham in them, mostly action sequences.

Death Sentence – Contests for the artist (Create your own version of what you think the Death Sentence poster ) and one for the writer (come up with your worst nightmare you could imagine and you may have your story developed into a short movie).

Rush Hour 3 – One great part is the “trailer translator” part of the official Rush Hour website. Watch the trailer in French, then as the trailer plays replace the original dialog with your own in English! Be funny, scary, dramatic… whatever you want!

Hairspray – The best and most unique part of the Hairspray website is the section titled Autographs. Visit this section to get your personalized autographed picture of your favorite star of this movie!

License to Wed – Download You Very Own, Desktop Baby! The desktop baby will spit up, cry, and of course after it eats, you can guess what the baby will have to do?!

Ratatouille – Check out the games! The Ratatouille pinball may be the most entertaining of all the games.

Captivity – Play a game in the “features” section of the features website that allows the user to either play as a stalker, or as a victim.

Severance – Check out the online game that lets you chop off your coworkers body parts.

Next – There are two games featured on the site! The first game will test your ESP skills!!

Vacancy – Call the reservations hotline that is featured on this site!! 1-888-9-VACANCY to find out exactly what the motel has to offer!

Dead Silence – Featured on the Dead Silence myspace page is an awesome “countdown widget” that you can post to your Myspace page.

Gray Matters – A contest for the BEST KISS.

Outlaw – The new upcoming movie Outlaw features their own animated version of Hangman.

Smokin’ Aces – An interesting feature of this official movie website is the “send a hit” option where you can tease your friends about the movie by sending a “hitman” from the movie with a soundclip straight to their inbox.

The Messengers – In “Jess’ Belongings,” you can explore the things she has on her: cellphone, digital camera, and laptop. She has some creepy messages on her cellphone and some interesting text messages to read. Her telephone cell number is revealed too, it is 800-899-9619.

Norbit – Ask Rasputia is better than the fortune telling game, ask her any question you want and she will give you a reply.

Ghost Rider – Features on the official movie site are two games: “Hellfire” and “Demon Duel”.

Black Snake Moan – The “play the blues” section on the website features a guitar with more than a dozen riffs you can choose from to create your own blues song.

Factory Girl – Movie poster contest.

Music and Lyrics – Featured a “VH1 Songwriting Contest”. The winner of the contest was chosen to be featured on the DVD.

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