Battleship is one of the most anticipated battle movies to hit theaters this spring so we decided what better to do in anticipation of this movie than to review the site! The website for the new action movie starring Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch among others is full of content that will surely destroy the competition!

First of all, who does not like free movie stuff!? We all love it when they give us stuff for free and especially the content that is transferable to our favorite social networking sites! So go to the downloads section to find the twitter backgrounds, Facebook timeline images, chrome themes, and even your personal computer wallpapers!

However, possibly the most unique and definitely the coolest feature about the Battleships official movie site is the “Shred your Street” option linked on the landing page of the site. This awesome feature allows you to type in any physical street address of your choice, once loaded the location will immediately be targeted and bombarded by the alien beings that have come to destroy earth. As a test your can type is familiar addresses as the instructions suggest, one such address that should pop in your mind is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now watch as google images and the website team up and send aliens to your location! Now test this on a more familiar address to you and or your friends! You will find that it is pretty accurate! What a sweet feature and for sure one of the best customizations between google street view and a movie site.

Now it is game time! Choose between the Facebook app game, trailer interactive game, and the classic battleship game. I tried the trailer game, while it is a unit game idea it was not very fun and I found myself wondering if I had even accomplished anything. Nevertheless, try it out… follow the on screen instructions and as the trailer for the movie plays out you have your chance to earn points.

The two mentioned features earn the movie website for Battleship a ★★★★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars on the movie rating scale.

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