Are you up for a Battle in Los Angeles? Seems like the website is not going down without a fight! I have to say just the introduction to the website was very nice.

The intro loads with some snap shots of old photographs and some film strip sound effect. I didn’t really get that at first, I was already getting disappointed with what was going to happen. However once the film site is loaded you will get a full screen movie image gallery that puts you right into the action, you really get a glimpse of the battle! And this is a good thing since the movie will be a battle and its obviously in the title. The images will scroll automatically, they are very clear and crisp, and in the background part of a soundtrack will play while you view the gallery. The music is very fitting and dramatic, you will get a feel for the movie just in the introduction. In the top right corner you can control the speed of the images and the music you hear. Nice job here.

battle la

There is a menu control at the bottom:
The downloads available are a few movie wallpapers for Battle LA, a few Twitter skins, and some aim icons. The videos section has some clips and trailers; the about has the cast and crew and other information about the movie.

Check out the W.A.T.C.H. Section if you are into the extraterrestrials. The movie is about alien life so if you are not into aliens then, uhh…
Anyway the WATCH section is dedicated to alien life and evidence. This section is loaded with experiences, videos, and news articles on the topic. Someone spent alot of time getting this section setup! Kinda cool..

View alien sightings? Yes! You can do it on in the menu and view a map that will show you realtime alien attacks! OMG! Past sightings takes you to alot of real articles of supposed alien contact. While in this section go to “Unidentified Enemy” and get a special glimpse into the workings of alien life, including language, biology, and technology. Awesome graphics here.

Games games! Free Games! That’s right play the free game on the Battle L.A. Website. It’s actually pretty cool, you go through and kill aliens! The game is done very well.

Overall the Battle LA website is nice. The visuals are very good, the menu and controls are easily accessible and clearly labeled. You have control over the soundtrack and image slideshow. I think you get a good feel for the movie when you visit and lot of time was put into getting interactivity for you! Originally I wanted to give the website a 4 but now I want to rate it bit higher, clearly it is a well done site, definitely check it out!
Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: Battle: Los Angeles
Date of theater release: March 11, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles – Official Site!

Battle: Los Angeles 4.5 out of 5 stars

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