Finally a website worth checking out, and this one is awesome!
The site is for the new alien from outer-space movie, Paul, which has the voice of Seth Rogen. Which, if you ask me is a horrible choice for the voice of an alien, but I’m not here to review the movie :P

The website is loaded with graphics, animated menus, and awesome mouse rollovers. The main menu has several options to choose from and as you rollover each item a short clip play in the background, it’s small touches like this that set a website design and interaction over the top!

The loading menu is sweet too! A windshield wiper sweeps away the contents of the screen and the alien, Paul, drives a car to your new menu destination. This is great because the website takes total control of your full screen automatically, another sign of a website that wants you to have an “experience” while visiting.

The menu items are pretty much standard and there are several free downloads including a few Twitter skins and even a free screensaver. The best menu item is the “alienate” yourself option under the features submenu. This interactive feature lets you upload a picture of yourself and assists you in converting it to an alien. Then you can share your alien self on Twitter and other social networking sites! In this same area there is a game you can play, I did not play the game but check it out to see if it’s any good! Overall the website was clearly designed very well.

paul alien movie

The ease of use is simple and easy, the interactivity and feature for you are clear and enough that you can spend some time but not too much time playing around. The graphics, animations, and other flashy features are all there for eye candy, it loks great! Down to the colors the website is well done. At the bottom of the site there is even the official Twitter scrolling which is pretty cool too.

In all I would suggest checking out the site, it is fun!
P.S. Seth Rogan should not play the voice of an alien. Major fail!

Best Movie Website!
Movie website featured: Paul
Date of theater release: March 18, 2011

Paul – Official Site!

Paul 5 out of 5 stars

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