The website for the movie 9 has alot going on. Set-up for adults with numerous articles, links, and information to sift through, it’s difficult at first to tell what to do. The first thing you should do however, is visit the best part of the site which is the 3D Experience link that says “Experience the 9 characters come to life”. This is an interesting concept – if you click on the link, you’ll be able to view a 3D Hologram of the characters of 9. This does however require 9 movie trading cards or a special booklet. If you havent yet collected anything, there is a link to get started. Another cool part of the site is the “Virtual Talisman” link which click on and can upload your own pictures into the talisman. Kind of cool, and difficult to describe, check it out! You can view the World Talisman where other people’s pictures from around the world are uploaded, or you can also click on the Visit the Scientist’s Lab link which lets you explore the 9 world a little bit more – this section of the site reminds me a little of Myst in that you click on things and learn about the world. One of the main things you want to do here is follow 9 on Twitter for the Talisman Challenge so you can find the 9 hidden pieces of a puzzle to decipher a message to enter to win some movie art.

Before you leave, don’t forget to connect with the 9 movie on Facebook or on twitter.

Movie Synopses: The movie 9 is an animation set place in the near future in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have turned on humans and destroyed mankind. A group of small creatures comes to life thanks to a scientist and work together to outwit the machines that still control the world.

Best Movie Website!

Movie website featured: 9 the Movie
Date of theater release: September 09, 2009
9 the Movie – Official Site!

No sample wallpaper from the new movie 9 available. Visit the Official movie website for the trailer and more!

9 3 out of 5 stars

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